Other Professional Malpractice

Other Malpractice

The professional malpractice lawyers of The Gooch Firm provide the highest level of representation in professional malpractice cases, with a foundation of more than 30 years of success and several landmark decisions.

When you lose significantly because of the negligence of a professional who was paid to provide skilled service, there are legal steps you can take to recover damages against the individual. Our firm pursues all forms of professional malpractice, including:

Accounting malpractice for both individuals and businesses — Mistakes in accounting 

practices, bookkeeping and filing deadlines by accountants and CPAs can result in serious losses and potential liabilities for the client. We also represent cases involving multiple parties with similar claims against a particular CPA or accounting firm.

Engineering failure and architect negligence — A failure by these individuals to properly design,

check and safeguard their work can result in serious and costly defects or damage to in-process projects, as well as expensive damage and repair costs later in the life of the finished product.

Construction professionals and contractors — These parties are responsible to complete 

projects on the agreed-upon schedule. In the case that conditions prevent the completion, the contractor should be communicating these obstacles to the client and actively looking for alternatives.

Negligence and breach of contract can include a wide range of actions, most notably a failure to provide services agreed upon. Professionals also have a certain responsibility to keep clients abreast of developments and details regarding their services, including promptly returning phone calls, breach of confidentiality, furnishing documents to clients and warning of possible issues. A failure to communicate, particularly where there is reasonable cause for concern, can cost the client significantly in time and money.

Our attorneys will fully investigate the services provided, including all correspondence and relevant evidence, to show that negligence or breach of contract occurred.