Ethical Violations And Legal Malpractice Claims

Ethical Violations

The legal profession is regulated to protect clients who need the assistance of an attorney. Lawyers are licensed professionals who are held to a high standard of care. The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct provide lawyers with guidance on what is and what is not ethical conduct. If a lawyer violates the rules, he or she can face disciplinary action. If the violation of the rules of ethics results in harm to a client, the ethical violation and resulting damages may support legal malpractice lawsuit.

An ethical violation by an attorney can result in overwhelming harm and consequences for a client. When a lawyer fail to comply with the rules, your legal case, your financial stability and your future could suffer significant harm.

We Are Not Afraid To Sue Lawyers For Their Misconduct

At The Gooch Firm, with offices in Wauconda and Chicago, we take the ethical duties of our profession seriously. Since 1985, we have stood as strong advocates for individuals and businesses in Lake, McHenry and Cook counties who have suffered harm as the result of the negligence of other lawyers. We are committed to holding incompetent, unethical or negligent attorneys liable and accountable for their errors.

To prove an ethical violation rose to the level of actual malpractice, our legal team will fully investigate and review the relevant details to determine the extent and nature of the error, as well as the financial loss that resulted from the attorney negligence or misconduct.

Ethical violations that can be involved in a malpractice claim include:

  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Having a conflict of interest that impacts your case
  • Intentionally misleading you, or the failure to properly advise you
  • Charging unreasonable or excessive fees for the services provided

The decision to hire a lawyer is always difficult. We understand that you expect your attorney to provide the guidance you need and to properly handle your case. While no attorney can guarantee a specific outcome in resolving a legal dispute, not all lawyers follow the high standard of care that is expected. We have the resources, experience and knowledge to fight for justice. We do the hard work to prepare and present a compelling case aimed at holding attorneys accountable for malpractice.

Learn About Your Legal Options In Free Consultation

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