Failure To Properly Advise And Legal Malpractice

Failure to Advise

 Communication is a vital element in the attorney-client relationship. While most people want to work with a strong advocate, if that lawyer fails to provide competent advice concerning the unique facts of a given case, the client cannot make informed choices about the future. Similarly, when attorneys take on a new case, they have a duty to ascertain the facts, understand or learn the nuances of the applicable law and serve the best interests of the client. Unfortunately, inadequate preparation, procrastination and similar factors may lead to a lawyer providing advice that falls below the standard of care expected of a reasonable attorney.

For instance, if a family law attorney fails to properly address alimony or a property settlement due to a lack of knowledge about current Illinois property division and spousal maintenance laws to the detriment of a client, that lawyer may be giving misinformed advice to his or her client. The long-term harm of bad advice cannot be understated.

Thorough Representation At A Difficult Time

At The Gooch Firm, our lawyers will thoroughly review the facts of your specific issue, the relevant law and help you to obtain justice if faulty advice has caused you substantial harm.

Common issues in these types of cases include:

  • Failure to advise of the existence of a settlement offer
  • Failure to adequately prepare, resulting in the loss of a claim such as alimony or military retirement benefit issues
  • Providing ill-informed advice due to a lack of understanding of the law
  • Failing to advise of alternative courses of action or the potential consequences of an action

Our attorneys begin to prepare for trial from the outset to create a position of strength. Our reputation for our willingness and desire to go to trial is well-known throughout northern Illinois. If you believe that your lawyer failed to properly advise you about any aspect of your case, resulting in harm, we are here to help.