Analyzing And Addressing Excessive Attorneys Fees

Excessive Fees

All too commonly, law firms overcharge for the services rendered and the number of attorneys from the firm involved in the case. In high net worth cases, such as corporate litigation or even high-asset divorce, the excess in billing can cost the client millions.

At The Gooch Firm in Chicago and Wauconda, we investigate seemingly inflated bills on behalf of clients to determine if the work and hours billed were properly handled by the firm or if excessive attorney fees and billing practices cost the client. Clients often come to us to review fees at any stage when legal fees become worrisome. We are prepared to dispute legal bills that we find to be unreasonable or illegal.

Excessive Attorney Fees Attorneys Investigating Unreasonable Legal Fees

The law requires that the fee charged by an attorney is not excessive and is reasonable in the context of the case being handled. The attorney must also only bill for necessary work that is relevant to the success of the case.

Many large firms over-bill for services rendered and tack on unnecessary charges or hours. Common types of suspicious charges include repeated review of documents, billed office conferences between multiple lawyers, court appearances by multiple attorneys, travel expenses at unreasonable rates, inflated charges and hours of research. Our attorneys investigate and determine if it was necessary to bill for multiple attorneys and if the hours spent on certain tasks were necessary to the success of the case.

When a claim is brought, the burden is on the law firm in question to prove that all charges were reasonable, both in time spent and the necessity of the work being done.

Evaluating Legal Fees At All Stages

Many clients trust our skill in this area and retain us to review the bills they receive from other law firms in various legal matters. Throughout the case, we will check each bill and the billing practices of the firm to ensure that you are not overcharged for legal services.

To learn more about our skill in investigating excessive attorney fees, please contact our law firm today at 847-526-0110.